FOI23/24 080 Retaking Nat 5 Subjects

Date published: 15/11/2023

FOI reference: 23/24 080

Date received: 06/09/2023

Date responded: 13/09/2023

Information requested

Please, I want to know under freedom of information

1. Can a student retake N5 Physics during Higher (S5)?

2. What are the guidelines from SQA to schools for offering N5 subjects in Higher if a student wishes to reappear N5 subjects in Higher (S5)?

3. Can the school refuse to offer N5 subjects in higher (S5) if the student gets a D grade?

4. The school has cited lack of staff as the reason for not teaching N5 Physics in higher, will this be a valid reason for the student's future?

5. If a student does not get a place in N5 Physics in school due to staff shortage, can my son self study and appear for the N5 exam 2023-24 in higher (S5)?


We are unable to provide the information requested as we do not hold any recorded information relating to the requests. Section 17 of FOISA provides that where an authority does not hold information requested it should notify the requester to that effect.

It is considered that the relevant school or education authority would be better to respond to your requests.