FOI23/24 082 Research into 2 Exams a Day

Date published: 15/11/2023

FOI reference: 23/24 082

Date received: 04/09/2023

Date responded: 29/09/2023

Information requested

I would like to raise a freedom of information request to view the research carried out by the SQA to ensure that candidates have not been negatively impacted by having two exams in one day.


We are unable to provide any information relating to your request. Section 17 of FOISA provides that where an authority does not hold information requested it should notify the requester to that effect.

The exam timetable is drawn up each year to ensure that all the exams for the relevant subjects are set within the time period set for the exams. Unfortunately, there will be the odd occasion when a candidate will have two exams in close proximity. However, it not always possible to avoid this event happening because of the different course combinations which learners may choose.