FOI23/24 130 Nat 5 and Higher attainment in Glasgow Council 2018-2021

Date published: 11/01/2024

FOI reference: 23/24 130

Date received: 09/01/2024

Date responded: 11/01/2024

Information requested

I would like to analyse the difference in school grades in different areas of Glasgow. This information is only for my dissertation and will not be published due to the privacy of this information. I would appreciate any help or guidance on accessing at least some data on grades from different schools within Glasgow.


The information requested is contained in the attached spreadsheet. The sheet contains the attainment levels for each subject within each school in the Glasgow City council area at National 5 and Higher. As we do not keep this data by area of Glasgow, we have included the postcode for each school which should help in identifying the relevant areas.

We have removed the numbers where entries for a subject as less than 5. This is to avoid possible identification of candidates.


FOI23/24 130 Information Sheet (426 KB)