FOI23/24 159 Candidates Taking Highers Without Taking National 5

Date published: 21/03/2024

FOI reference: 34/34 159

Date received: 01/03/2024

Date responded: 21/03/2024

Information requested

I am filing this request for the following information; Does the SQA gather the number of candidates who crash Higher qualifications? (Taking the Higher course without first taking the National 5 equivalent) And if these candidates are as (or better/worse) successful as those who had taken the equivalent National 5. If so can the SQA provide this data for all exam years up to 2023.

With regard to your requests, copied below, we don’t readily hold the information but we should be able to provide something for it.

To help us provide the information you require, can you clarify a couple of things please?

Are you looking for the information as a total, or broken down by subject?

And what criteria would you mean by better/worse? Do you mean the average of the total who didn’t sit the National 5 compared to those who did?

To answer your questions;

1. I’m looking for information as a total across all subjects 

2. The criteria can be the average.


The information requested is contained within the spreadsheet.


files_ccc/foi-23-24-159-information-sheet.xlsx (11 KB)