Attainment Statistics

Date published: 03/11/2020

FOI reference: 2020-21 142

Date received: 22/10/2020

Date responded: 03/11/2020

Information requested

Can I please have access to the attainment statistics data for all schools in Scotland for 2010-2019 for National 5 and Higher qualifications. I am happy to receive related data if this data I have requested is not available. I am also happy to receive less years of data if it is not possible to get data from 2010.


SQA publishes attainment data by centre type each year.  The information you have requested for all schools is published on our website and can be accessed here.    Select the year you require from the drop down menu.   Then for 2014-2019 select Attainment Statistics (August) Schools.   For the earlier years 2010-2013 select Pre-Appeal National Course and Awards Result Statistics - Schools.