FOI20/21 139 2021 Higher and Advanced Higher Examinations

Date published: 27/11/2020

FOI reference: 2020-21 139

Date received: 19/10/2020

Date responded: 27/11/2020

Information requested

The Scottish Government recently announced that National 5 examinations would not go ahead in 2021 but that Higher and Advanced Higher exams are currently being planned for. Clearly - and as admitted by politicians - there is a significant risk of ongoing disruption to education through the winter months, and as such I would like to request material regarding contingency planning.


Please release the following under FOISA:

1.         All materials detailing plans to deal with different eventualities regarding the 2021 Higher and Advanced Higher exams

2.         Details of any meetings at which such plans were discussed (this includes dates, attendees, minutes, personal notes etc)


Please see the attached paper regarding National Qualifications for Academic Year 2020/21.


This paper was presented and discussed at the COVID-19 Education Recovery Group Meeting on 31 July 2020.The Scottish Government has published information about the COVID-19 Education Recovery Group on their website.The minutes from the meeting on 31 July 2020 and all other minutes from the meetings of this group can be accessed here along with a list of members of the group.


CERG Meeting 31 July 2020 Paper 2 (302 KB)