FOI 20/21 165 National Attainment Statistics

Date published: 10/12/2020

FOI reference: 20/21 165

Date received: 08/12/2020

Date responded: 10/12/2020

Information requested Following from last year's exams and the number of issues after, I am requesting statistics of those who passed at N5, Higher and Advance Higher level. The time periods I'm looking for academic year 2018/19 in comparison with 2019/20 results.


The information you have requested is published on our website and can be accessed at the following link: Statistics and Information


Select the file Attainment Statistics (December) 2020.   Within this spreadsheet the tab SCQF 5 covers National 5 attainment, SCQF 6 covers Higher and SCQF 7 covers Advanced Higher.   For each level the attainment from 2019 and 2020 are shown side by side for comparison.