FOI20/21 157 IT Systems

Date published: 15/12/2020

FOI reference: 2020-21 157

Date received: 23/11/2020

Date responded: 15/12/2020

Information requested

Please release the following information under FOISA:

•   Which systems provided by the SQA currently require users to install Adobe Flash on their device? This may include materials for candidates, markers, SQA staff etc.

•   By which date will each of these systems be updated so that Flash is no longer required for their use? (if no date has been set then please make this clear)


SQA has appropriate plans in place to manage our various systems.  It is our view that publicly confirming details of any plans could introduce an additional risk, and potentially compromise the security of services delivered.  We therefore apply section 35(1)(a) to your request. Section 35 is a qualified exemption so we have considered the public interest but we believe that on this occasion the risk to data outweighs the public interest in transparency about the systems SQA uses.