Foundation Apprenticeships

Date published: 18/12/2020

FOI reference: 2020-21 019

Date received: 28/05/2020

Date responded: 18/12/2020

Information requested

All correspondence or documentation (including emails, attachments, typed or handwritten notes, letters, notes/records of phone calls, texts or instant messages, minutes of meetings, briefings or otherwise) between SQA and Skills Development Scotland that relates to the planned arrangements for the awarding of Foundation Apprenticeships or the proposed  'letter of recognition', as announced on 22 May 2020.

If possible I would like this information from 20 March 2020 to 22 May 2020.


The information you have requested is provided in the attached files.  Some of this has been redacted for personal data and in some cases where the emails provided contain information not relevant to your request.


FOI 019 Enclosure Schedule (14 KB)

FOI 019 Emails (721 KB)

FOI 019 Papers  (449 KB)