FOI20/21 171 Fraud Outcome

Date published: 15/01/2021

FOI reference: 20/21 171

Date received: 22/12/2020

Date responded: 15/01/2021

Information requested

In the minutes of the SQA audit committee of October, 2019 it makes reference to a Fraud Response Group investigation into an instance of financial irregularity. Please can you provide me with a copy of any reports which relate to the outcome of this investigation and any 'lessons learned' reports from the instance.


As reported in our Annual Fraud Report of 2019-20 and already supplied to you the outcome of the investigation is recorded as follows:

The first instance was of a member of staff, immediately prior to leaving SQA employment, making personal use of a hotel booking (which was no longer required for business purposes) and charging it to an SQA credit card. 

The former member of staff agreed to pay back the full amount of the cost - £2,069 - to SQA.  This was due to have been repaid in full by 31 March 2020.  It was agreed between the former member of staff and SQA that the repayments would be made in monthly instalments. 

SQA agreed to extend the deadline for the final payment (of £469) as the former member of staff was temporarily unable to pay due to a change in circumstances brought about by the Covid-19 situation.

Lessons learnt from this investigation - Amend the leaver process to include credit card check if appropriate.  On an ongoing basis the Audit Committee monitors the progress of any fraud investigations.