FOI20/21 178 Invoice Process

Date published: 05/02/2021

FOI reference: 20/21 178

Date received: 21/01/2021

Date responded: 05/02/2021

Information requested

1. What is your current Invoice Process, manual/technology

2. How many invoices do you process per month

3. How many duplicate/error invoices do you have

4. How many full time AP staff

5. What challenges do you face with the current process

6. What type of invoices do you process: email, physical, etc

7. When does your current contract expire

8. Who owns current Invoice process

9. What type of matching do you use


1. ERP system

2. 3,192 invoices (based on general supplier invoices paid for the calendar year 2020) Average 266 per month.

3. Not recorded, but not of significance as very few

4. 2

5. Nothing of significance

6. Predominantly emailed, minimal physical

7. 31/10/22, with the option of 2 x 1 year extensions

8. SQA Finance Systems

9. Purchase orders to invoices; Invoices to payments