FOI21/22 014 Office Working

Date published: 25/05/2021

FOI reference: 21/22 014

Date received: 21/05/2021

Date responded: 25/05/2021

Information requested

  1. If the appropriate decision has been made, on what date(s) do SQA officials have clearance to return to their offices at SQA with appropriate mitigations in the current circumstances of the pandemic?
  2. Have officials now the choice/ opportunity to continue working from home or working at their SQA office site? Thank you for your assistance in this matter


  1. SQA offices have been adapted to meet current requirements to support a small number of SQA staff who are undertaking essential office based activities. No decision has been taken on what date SQA's offices will reopen to all SQA officials. We will continue to monitor and adhere to Scottish Government advice.
  2. SQA officials will continue to work from home until our offices reopen. However, we are considering how we can work more flexibly in the future