FOI21/22 031 ACM

Date published: 21/06/2021

FOI reference: 21/22 031

Date received: 10/06/2021

Date responded: 21/06/2021

Information requested

Under the 2021 ACM for N5, Higher and Advanced Higher, if a teacher believes that a student deserves an A, but the student has only been able to demonstrate attainment at the level of a B or C, is the teacher permitted to award an A?


Please note that I am aware of existing documentation around the ACM and do not need this provided. I have asked for a single piece of information which should be provided as a simple yes or no response.


Please note this is not an FOI request for information held by a public body but rather an enquiry about a hypothetical scenario. The Alternative Certification Model (ACM) is based on demonstrated attainment so the provisional result must be based on the assessment evidence generated by the learner during the year. This is consistent with the approach for all SQA qualifications, where learners need to meet evidence requirements.