Learner Panels

Date published: 23/07/2021

FOI reference: 21/22 025

Date received: 03/06/2021

Date responded: 23/07/2021

Information requested

  • Full details (date, attendees, location if in person) of any Learner Panel events held by the SQA
  • Copies of minutes from each of the events
  • Copies of any personal notes made by SQA staff during each of the events


The information you have requested has taken longer than usual to collate. However we can now provide you with the information below.

Six events involving learner panels took place between November 2020 and April 2021. The details you requested about learner panels and SQA notes related to these events, are provided in the attachment. Please note that SQA will not provide the names of any SQA staff below the level of head of service, nor will it provide the names of non-SQA staff and learners who attended these panels.   The information provided has been redacted for personal data only.

While our aim is to provide information whenever possible, SQA does not hold some of the information requested. SQA did not produce formal notes for two of these events and there are no personal notes from SQA staff who attended the events. As required under Section 17 of FOISA, if we do not hold the information requested, we must advise you accordingly.  However the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) notes from the panel on 26 April can be accessed here.


Response  (594 KB)