FOI21/22 058 Scottish Baccalaureate

Date published: 17/08/2021

FOI reference: 21/22 058

Date received: 13/08/2021

Date responded: 17/08/2021

Information requested

The number of Expressive Arts Scottish Baccalaureate's taken and awards for 2021/22, rather than the overall number recently published for all four frameworks.


SQA has recently published the 2021 Awards for academic year 2020/21.   The information you have requested regarding the Expressive Arts Scottish Baccalaureate entries and awards for 2020/21 can be accessed here.   Select the Attainment Statistics (August) 2021 – Provisional, then select the SCQF 7 tab in the spreadsheet.   The first table under Full Attainment is the Scottish Baccalaureate and the Expressive Arts entries and attainment for 2021 and 2020 are listed.  To ensure that we comply with our responsibilities under the Data Protection Act, where the figure is less than five, SQA does not report the actual protect individuals’ personal information. Grade distributions are suppressed where qualification entries are fewer than 5 or where, if shown, it would be possible to calculate grade distributions where entries are fewer than 5 and the figure has been replaced with 3 asterisks***.

The information for academic year 2021/22 which is just starting now will be published by SQA when it is available in August 2022.