FOI21/22 064 Contract Details

Date published: 23/09/2021

FOI reference: 21/22 064

Date received: 27/08/2021

Date responded: 16/09/2021

Information requested

I would be grateful if you would provide details of your current contract covering reprographics/print arrangements as follows

1. Number of MFDs (Multi-functional devices) & photocopiers at the Scottish Qualification Authority

2. Name of incumbent

3. Start/end date of contract

4. Details of any extension options

5. Is this a managed service

6. What framework used

7. Number of regular/desktop printers (in addition to above)

8. Is there a support contract on above, if yes state start/end date

9. Does SQA have a Print Room

10. If yes, name of supplier, number of devices and start/end date of contract, also details of any extension options

11. What print software does SQA run

12. Who supplies your outsourced print requirements

13. Start/end date of contract

14. Name of person responsible for print at SQA


1. There are 18 devices

2. Xerox UK Ltd

3. The duration of the contract is from 01/04/2021 to 31/03/2026

4. There is an extension option of 2 years

5. It is a managed service

6. Equipment Framework SP-016-013

7. 3

8. Yes runs in tandem with the contract

9. Yes

10. Print room is run by SQA staff, 5 devices – Start Date 1/12/20 – 30/11/25 with the option to extend for 2 years.

11.   What print software does SQA run – SQA will not disclose this information under clause 35.

While our aim is to provide information whenever possible, in this instance the information requested is exempt under section 35(1)(a) of the Act as the public disclosure of information about our IT systems would potentially compromise the security of the services delivered.  Section 35 is a qualified exemption so we have considered the public interest but we believe that on this occasion the risk to data outweighs the public interest in transparency about the systems SQA uses.

12. Run Mini competitions against Scot Gov framework - Print and Associated Services (2019) Lot 1 – Litho / Digital Print Services Reference: SP-18-001

13. 01/04/19 – 31/03/23

14. The Print and Dispatch Manager is the person responsible for print at SQA