FOI21/22 088 Equality Impact Assessments

Date published: 28/10/2021

FOI reference: 21/22 088

Date received: 01/10/2021

Date responded: 28/10/2021

Information requested

Please release details of all Equality Impact Assessments carried out by the SQA in the past 7 years. This should include:

  • The title / topic / focus (ie the policy or decision that was being assessed)
  • The date of completion
  • The date of publication
  • The date of subsequent review (if a review has been carried out)

I have included the following table to help clarify this (although I would of course expect there to be a lot more entries than just the 6 for which I have provided space).

Title / topic / focus Date of completion Date of publication

Date of review



The completed Equality Impact Assessments are published on the website and can be found using the following link. All assessments, when completed, will also be published there.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - SQA