FOI21/22 094 Attainment Statistics

Date published: 02/11/2021

FOI reference: 21/22 094

Date received: 06/10/2021

Date responded: 02/11/2021

Information requested

How many candidates, and as a percentage of the total in S4, achieved passes (either Nat 5 or Standard Grade 1-4) in Physics, Biology, and Chemistry in a)State Schools, b) independent sector in each of the past 20 years.


The information requested is contained within the table below. These tables show the proportion of S4 learners entered for National 5 (or previously for Standard Grade), who achieved an A-C grade at National 5 or grade 1-4 at Standard Grade in all three subjects, namely Physics, Biology and Chemistry.

Please note that prior to 2014, learners were also able to sit Intermediates, i.e., Intermediate 1 (equivalent to SG 3-4 (General) which is SCQF level 4) and Intermediate 2 (equivalent to SG 1-2 and National 5 which is SCQF level 5). The figures do not include the information for Intermediates. If you would like this information, please let me know.



Information Table (16 KB)