FOI22/23 134 FOISA Policy and Processes

Date published: 15/02/2023

FOI reference: 22/23 134

Date received: 25/01/2023

Date responded: 13/02/2023

Information requested

Please release all material held by the SQA which relates to the organisation’s policies and processes for receiving, handling and responding to FOI requests. This might include – but is not necessarily limited to – training material, process flow guides, FAQs etc


The information you requested is contained within the documents

Most FOI requests are submitted via a form on SQA’s website. SQA’s FOI process is centralised and managed by experienced and qualified staff who are responsible for the end-to-end process.  Detailed handling procedures are available to all staff and set out the processes that should be followed.  A case management approach is taken to the handling of FOI requests, and this is described in the handling procedures. Awareness training is delivered to members of staff who are likely to act as Case Managers


FOI Policy

FOISA Handling Procedures

FOISA Training for Case Managers November 2022