FOI23/24 146 Entries and Pass Rates for Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser Exams

Date published: 02/02/2024

FOI reference: 23/24 146

Date received: 31/01/2024

Date responded: 02/02/2024

Information requested

1) I'm looking for some stats , you may be able to assist me and or point me in the right direction at SQA who can. I believe you're the only examination board for the DGSA exams.

How many DGSA?s are there currently in the UK, and would you have an age demographic for the numbers / RID / ADN / Road Split

2) Pass rates for Core / All Classes / ROAD / RID and ADN for the last 5 years



The information requested is contained within the document.


FOI23/24 146 Information Sheet (17 KB)