SQA as a Corporate Parent

Consultation on SQA’s draft Corporate Parenting Plan 2023-26

SQA is a proud Corporate Parent. We see our duties not only as a responsibility but an opportunity to have a positive impact and improve the life chances for care experienced people. We want Care Experienced learners to fulfil their potential and to do this we need to consider their needs in everything we do. Our draft Corporate Parenting Plan 2023-26 (443 KB) demonstrates our continuing commitment. 

An important part of developing our Corporate Parenting Plan is listening to care experienced people, collaborating with partners, other corporate parents and organisations across Scotland. Online consultation of our draft Corporate Parenting Plan 2023–26 took place from Wednesday 30 August 2023 to Wednesday 11 October 2023 (six weeks). Our consultation was published on our website, shared via social media and a direct mailing list to encourage participation and response. Work is now underway to review the feedback we received and to ensure this is reflected in our final Corporate Parenting Plan 2023–26 action plan commitments to be published in December 2023.

Celebrating Care Experienced learners

Each year we mark the achievements of care experienced learners. Read more about our virtual results day celebration for care experienced learners.

In care, a lot of the time, no-one really cares when you’ve done well in your exams or had a success. So I think it’s really important for SQA as a Corporate Parent to do things like this, because the young people know that they are worth something…it’s the small things that matter

Carly, Care Experienced young person

Replacement certificate

We offer a free replacement certificate for any care experienced learner aged 26 years and under.

This service applies to any learner who has been or is currently in care or from a looked after background, at any stage of their life. This care may have been provided in different settings, such as in residential care, foster care, kinship care or looked after at home.

To request a replacement certificate, please download and complete SQA’s Care Experienced Replacement Certificate (140 KB) form and complete our enquiry form. You can also read SQA’s Guidance (131 KB) on requesting a replacement certificate to find out more. Please note the replacement certificate order must be certified by a person who can confirm your care status.

Return of your coursework

We offer the return of your coursework without charge.