FOI21/22 030 Alternative Certification Model (ACM)

Date published: 25/06/2021

FOI reference: 21/22 030

Date received: 10/06/2021

Date responded: 25/06/2021

Information requested

Please release copies of communications between the SQA and centres (schools and colleges) regarding the application of the ACM 2021. Specifically, this request replies to communication on the topic of pupils who have been unable to demonstrate what their teacher / school regards as their genuine level of ability. Such communication may, for example, take the form of requests for advice in relation to specific candidates, or general enquiries for what to do under circumstances where such students are being affected.


SQA has provided the following information to Centres and it has been published on our website at the links provided.   Whenever centres request information, guidance or advice in relation to specific candidates they are provided with the link to this published guidance.

Contingency arrangement for incomplete evidence for graded National Courses in 2021

Incomplete evidence contingency arrangement - centres (Eligibility and Criteria questions)

The incomplete evidence message was issued to centres and local authorities on 7 June 2021 -

SQA News (issued to all Scottish centres) on Thursday 10 June 2021 also included information on the incomplete evidence option.

In addition, this information is published on our website in FAQs:

FAQs - Incomplete evidence contingency - learners: 'how are you taking into account disruption to my learning?'

There are also two Centre FAQs on this topic published on this page.

SQA's focus remains on supporting our young people to succeed

Following the publication of the new appeals process which, for the first time, gives learners the right to appeal directly - and for free - to SQA, our Chief Executive and Scotland's Chief Examiner, Fiona Robertson reflects on this exceptional year in Scottish education.

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