Information 2012

In this section information is reported in relation to SQA qualifications. The publication schedule details when such information is due to be available online. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or have questions relating to any of the information please contact the team.

Component Marks 2012

Centres have been provided with the component marks for their candidates in a number of National Qualification Courses.
Please view the 'Component Marks 2012 - Notes on Interpretation' document before opening the Component Marks 2012 Excel spreadsheet report, which contains the following:

Component Marks 2012 - Notes on Interpretation (30 KB)
Component Marks 2012 - National Mean Marks (94 KB)

Grade Boundaries 2012

The grade boundaries for every subject are published in Microsoft Excel format.

Objective Tests 2012 Data Booklet

This information may be of benefit to teachers who wish to use items for objective tests in the classroom. The data booklet should help with meaningful selection and interpretation of items. Notes to assist in the interpretation of the information are supplied at the end of the booklet.