Post-delivery Review

The third and last stage of internal verification is the post-delivery review stage. This includes:

Post-delivery tasks

Role of assessor Role of internal verifier
Reflect on assessment approach and judgements in relation to: validity, reliability, practicability and accessibility

Reflect on assessment process

Reflect on support for candidates

Agree action plan
Collaborate with assessor(s) in review of assessment approach, judgements and process

Reflect of effectiveness of internal verification process, including sampling

Agree action plan

Post-delivery records

The pro forma used for meetings during delivery can also be used for recording discussions and actions from meetings at the end of the session. This has a checklist of issues to be discussed and allows you to record comments, actions and decisions succinctly.

You might also wish to re-visit your IV self-assessment to decide whether your approach to internal verification needs any changes made to it.

Internal Verification Toolkit pro forma - Single download