Information 2019

Information reported for SQA qualifications. The publication schedule details when information will be available.

Entries and Attainment per Learner, by Centre Type

A statistical summary of entries and attainment per learner, by centre type, accompanied by supporting notes detailing the underlying data.

Date of publication: 26 August 2020

Assessment Arrangements 2019

Information on assessment arrangements requested in 2019 are published in Microsoft Excel format.

Assessment Arrangements 2019

Date of publication: 15 January 2020

Component Marks 2019

Centres have been provided with the component marks for their candidates in a number of National Qualification Courses.
'Component Marks 2019 - National Mean Marks' contains the following:

Component Marks 2019 - National Mean Marks

Date of publication: 06 August 2019

Grade Boundaries 2019

The grade boundaries for every subject are published in Microsoft Excel format.

Date of publication: 06 August 2019