New Higher Applications of Mathematics course

Launching in August 2021, our new Higher Applications of Mathematics course will equip learners with sought-after mathematical, statistical and financial skills, and increase participation in Mathematics at Higher level. 

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What is Applications of Mathematics?

Applications of Mathematics is the study of mathematics for everyday situations. Our Applications of Mathematics courses focus on finance, statistics and measurement.

What content will be covered in the Higher course?

The new Higher Applications of Mathematics course has four key areas:

Mathematical modelling 

Statistics and probability


Planning and decision making

What skills and knowledge will learners develop?

Learners will develop a range of relevant, transferable skills that they can use in their study of other subjects, in the workplace and in their daily lives. These include:

How will the course be assessed?

The course will be assessed through a question paper (exam) and a project.

What support is there to help teachers prepare?

We will publish details of upcoming support lecturers when these are available.