New Higher Applications of Mathematics course

SQA is developing a new Higher Applications of Mathematics course, which will be available to teach from August 2021. 

Purpose and aims

Higher Applications of Mathematics equips learners with the skills needed to interpret, analyse, and critically appraise statistical and mathematical information; simplify and solve problems; assess risk and make informed decisions by enhancing critical and logical thinking. 

The course aims to:

Course content

The content of the Higher Applications of Mathematics course is currently in development. It will cover the following topic areas:

Mathematical modelling 

Statistics and probability

Applying statistical skills to:


Planning and decision making 

SCQF credit rating

The course will be worth 24 SCQF credit points at SCQF level 6.


The course will be auto-approved. 

Learners who could study Higher Applications of Mathematics

The course is suitable for a wide range of learners, including adult learners and those who wish to progress to further learning and employment in non-STEM areas. It will provide progression for learners who have achieved National 5 Applications of Mathematics, National 5 Mathematics or equivalent. 

Why we are developing the course

Mathematics is fundamental to our society and economy. Advances in technology are changing the way we work, communicate and access information, and there is an increasing need for learners to acquire more mathematical skills in preparation for modern citizenship, further study and employment.

The new Higher Applications of Mathematics  will enable learners to develop mathematical, statistical and financial skills for everyday life. These transferable skills are sought after by employers and universities, and are relevant to a wide range of subjects and sectors

The new course will also increase participation in mathematics at Higher level.