Equality impact assessments

We aim to ensure all SQA policies and procedures promote equality, and that employees embed equality impact considerations in the work they do.

SQA are committed to reviewing and documenting equality impact assessments on all policies and processes across the organisation’s functions and further developing our approach to the development of new policies and procedures.

Equality impact assessments are undertaken and documented in accordance with its duties.

We are committed to making progress with equality impact assessments (EqIAs) to maximise positive impacts and reduce negative impacts on people who share one or more of the protected characteristics. Equality impact assessment of new and revised policies is a requirement of SQA’s policy development cycle and we aim to engage with our union representatives and employee networks as part of this process.

SQA Internal and Staff

  • Clear Desk & Clear Screen policy
  • Copyright policy
  • Corporate Credit Card policy
  • Credit, Invoicing & Debt Management policy
  • Data Quality Policy
  • Foreign Currency policy
  • Guidance on Losses & Special Payments GUIDELINES
  • Internal Communications
  • Petty Cash policy
  • Publishing and Communications policy
  • Records Management policy

SQA learners

  • Awarding Body Approval Policy
  • External Communications
  • National Courses with grades criteria for development
  • SQA Accreditation’s Quality Assurance of Approved Awarding Bodies Policy
  • SQA Accreditation's Regulatory Sanctions Policy
  • SQA Accreditation's Zero uptake Policy
  • Stakeholder engagement