Section 96(7) Equality Act 2010

Section 96(7) of the Equality Act 2010 gives SQA as the appropriate regulator of general qualifications in Scotland a power to specify and publish where 'reasonable adjustments' to National Qualifications should not be made. Reasonable adjustments are steps taken to avoid a disadvantage to a disabled person.

Child Protection

In recognition of the important role that SQA can play in safeguarding the welfare of our candidates, we have been working with external stakeholders to establish a policy and associated procedures for Child Protection.

Customer Charter

We are committed to providing excellent customer service, and are open and accountable to complaints and feedback. The Customer Charter tells you about our service-levels, and details our complaints and feedback policy.

Plain English at SQA

We try to make our publications as easy and straightforward to understand as we can, and try to avoid all unnecessary jargon.

Privacy and Cookies Statement

This Privacy Statement sets out the data processing practices of the Scottish Qualifications Authority ('SQA') for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998 and related legislation, through the use of the internet and the World Wide Web. Please read and agree to these terms prior to sending us your details in any electronic communications or for any online transaction.

Sponsorship Policy

SQA's sponsorship policy gives guidance on what we can and cannot support in terms of the project itself and the organisations involved.

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions of use of the Scottish Qualifications Authority's website.  Includes information on SQA's Privacy Statement, disclaimers and copyrights.

SQA Environmental Management Policy

SQA is committed to ensuring that sustainable development and the environment are factored into our work. This can only be achieved by building sustainable development into everything we do.

National Fraud Initiative in Scotland

This authority is required by law to protect the public funds it administers. It may share information provided to it with other bodies responsible for auditing, administering public funds or where undertaking a public function for the purposes of preventing and detecting fraud.

Read more on the National Fraud Initiative in Scotland

SQA Health and Safety Policy

SQA has always been concerned for the health and safety of employees and under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 has a statutory duty to them and to others. The Act is primarily designed to promote safety awareness and an effective safety organisation. It places not only duties on employers but also duties on employees.

Recognition of Prior Learning

SQA's policy is to recognise prior learning as a method of assessing whether a learner's experience and achievements meet the evidence requirements (ie the standard) of a SQA Unit or Units and which may or may not have been developed through a course of learning.

More information on Recognition of Prior Learning

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