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Eco logoBuilding Success through Customised Awards 

With a growing reputation and awards success, The Eco Group is successfully investing in its workforce and benchmarking standards to prove their commitment to excellence. The result – becoming recognised industry leaders.

Eco-Genics Ltd, part of the Eco Group, is an award winning industrial solutions company, specialising in dry ice blast cleaning and dry ice manufacturing for a diverse and prestigious client base, including global tyre company, Pirelli. In 2014, they were recognised as ‘Scotland’s Most Innovative Business’.


The Eco brand has grown into a diverse solutions-based service provider. Personal development, innovation and ideas are at the core of the organisation, enabling the company to quickly adapt to ever-changing market and client conditions.

The Challenge

Operating in a highly specialised industry that lacked standards, Eco-Genics wanted to change this culture by creating a benchmark they could align their business operations to. The company recognised they set very high standards for their processes, but had no formal way of consistently measuring their quality. Furthermore, the organisation wanted to empower their workforce by demonstrating quality and value.

Eco-Genics Managing Director, Eddie Black, had heard about SQA Customised Awards and, after an in-depth consultation with SQA, knew this would be the ideal solution for their challenges.

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The Journey

Eco-Genics found the processes behind developing their suite of qualifications to be robust and respected, giving them confidence and peace of mind. They described the support and knowledge they received from SQA as invaluable, particularly when creating supporting documentation and ensuring health and safety requirements were met.

The aspect of quality being embedded within the processes was fundamental as Training Manager, Silvia Oliveira explains:

“Quality was the reason we developed these awards. It was not enough to just be part of the crowd, we wanted to prove excellence - the best way was to make our training processes robust to ensure our operators are adhering to the highest possible standards”

Eco-Genics has developed three Customised Awards in partnership with SQA;

The creation of the Cryogenic/Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Services Operator Award, means EcoGenics is the only dry ice blast cleaning company in the world with qualified employees.

Business Benefits

The business benefits to Eco-Genics since developing their Customised Awards have been remarkable.

The interest and uptake from staff has been inspiring. The qualifications were always developed to help staff improve their skills, knowledge and understanding, but the business had no idea how popular they would be. Staff are enthusiastic about taking the qualifications, they are showing more initiative and are proud of their achievements.

Eddie acknowledged the importance of investing in their workforce:

“Our company values are to create self-worth and empowerment. Without going the extra mile and investing in our people that won’t happen. It has provided our employees with a clear route of progression which in turn has unearthed a few diamonds in the rough. It sets us apart from the competition and proves that the ECO group takes competency extremely seriously”.

The Customised Awards are also welcomed by the company’s extensive client base who understand the value of working in partnership with an internationally recognised awarding organisation to develop them. Eco-Genics are confident the creation of these qualifications will ultimately open new doors for their business.

The Future

The Eco Group are thrilled with the success of their Customised Awards and are already developing the supervisor level of the existing suite of qualifications to ensure the operators can progress to the next level of knowledge.

Eddie doesn’t anticipate this being the end of their journey:

“We also have other processes we would like to qualify, so we will keep working with SQA for a very long time. The ECO brand needs to lead from the front in everything. Our clients demand and deserve the very highest quality. I also believe that there is a niche where ECO can facilitate Customised Awards on behalf of our customers”.

The organisation is developing a company strategy and infrastructure that will be capable of delivering qualifications on a global scale. With their notable global clients, there is the possibility for them to standardise their processes across the board. The company is now investing for the future; brand Eco is about to build a new state of the art facility that will bring all of their provision under one roof. This is a long-term plan to create a brand legacy within the Dumfries and Galloway region.

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