Resources Available

The undernoted Teaching and Learning Materials (Student Guides) are available to download from SQA's secure website. They can be located via the drop down menu under Business and Student Guides. Your centre's SQA Co-ordinator will have access to SQA's secure website.

Some of the materials below are available only from Scotland's Colleges and are marked appropriately.

GRAPHIC: Attention small logo.* Note: Some support files for HN Unit Student Guides, listed below, cannot be published on this site as their file size would cause problems when downloading. These will either be split into sections, or are sent on a CD to the SQA Co-ordinator at each centre.

Unit Code Unit Title
DE3L 35 Behavioural Skills for Business
DE39 34 Business Accounting
DG3D 35 Business Awareness and Continuing Professional Development
DE3F 34 Business Contractual Relationships
DE3X 35 Business Culture and Strategy
DE3E 34 Business Law: An Introduction
DE3N 34 Communication: Analysing and Presenting Complex Communication
DE5H 35 Company Law: An Introduction
DJ42 34 Creating a Culture of Customer Care
DF4D 33 Developing Skills for Personal Effectiveness
DF46 35 Developing the Individual within a Team
DE3A 34 Economic Issues: An Introduction
DE3G 35 Economics 1: Micro and Macro Theory and Application
DE3H 35 Economics 2: The World Economy
DE5G 35 Financial Reporting and Analysis
DE5M 34 Financial Sector: An Introduction
DE5V 35 Financial Services Regulatory Framework
D4XF 35 Grievance and Discipline Handling
A6HA 35 Human Resource Management Practice
DE3K 35 Information and Communication Technology in Business
D75X 34 Information Technology Applications Software 1
DG6M 34 International Marketing: An Introduction
A6H9 34 Introduction to Managing the Human Resource
DE1L 34 IT in Business: Word Processing and Presentation Applications
DE2G 35 IT in Business: Advanced Word Processing
DE1W 35 IT in Business: Advanced Databases
DE5A 35 Management Accounting for Decision Making
DE3D 34 Managing People and Organisations
DG6T 34 Market Research Theory
DG6R 35 Marketing Research Applications
DE3C 34 Marketing: An Introduction
DG6P 35 Marketing: Planning for a Domestic Market
DG6V 34 Marketing Practice: An Introduction
DE1P 34 Office Administration
DE1X 35 Office Management
DE1R 34 Office Technologies
DE3R 34 Personal Development Planning
DE5N 34 Personal Financial Services
DE3J 35 Preparing Financial Forecasts
DE20 35 Presentation Skills
DE5D 34 Recording Financial Information
DP9F 33 Recording Financial Transactions
DE3M 35 Statistics for Business
A6HC 34 Training and Developing the Workforce
D85F 34 Using Software Application Packages